Quality assurance

PRODUCT QUALITY – The EEC Engineering Assurance of Reliability

At any instance, anywhere a human life or land or animals from the construction area may depend on one of our instruments performance. We are constantly aware of this….and realize that there is only one way to meet the responsibility ….with a solemn commitment to total quality.

Every single component in our instrument is tested to perfection. We do not stop until we are sure that it meets all the user’s requirements of reliability, durability and safety. We conduct stringent quality controls at every stage of production. Whenever a defect is identified, we take steps to rectify the problem immediately, even if this means bringing production to a complete standstill.

Regular quality audits and statistical analysis of error reports are done to eliminate potential production flaws.

Prior to delivery, every EEC supplies, tools and equipment has to pass a comprehensive series of demanding quality tests. Only those ones that excel in every respect are allowed to leave the production facility. So you are sure of precise performance and reliability under the most exacting conditions. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, year after year.