Product Range


– See from the list some of the varieties of equipment and tools we offered!


1. Adjustable 50W soldering iron (Good quality)
Description: Good for larger surface mount & all thru-hole. You can upgrade to a smaller tip for finer pitched SMT.

2. General Dial Caliper
Description: 6 inch non-magnetic & high impact lumalcore construction. Comes with a large easy-to-read 1 1/2 inch diameter dial with .01 inch and 1/64 inch scales.

3. Plumb Lase Long Range
Description: This tool provides accurate readings especially designed for plumb control throughout your construction project.

4. Construction Heater
Description: Perfect for cold weather situations. This heater works best on keeping the site warm for people working on the project. It can also dry out crawlspaces or basements.

5. Theodolites
Description: It is a tool recommended for engineering industry or land location surveying. It can measure both horizontal and vertical angles accurately.

6. Industrial Lasers
Description: Industrial Lasers for manufacturing applications such as conveyor control, counting and marking beams and many more.