Has The Driveway Gate Become Old? Make It New

It is obvious that after a few years of using, the driveway gate of your residence will become old, rusted and you may require repairing. What will you do?

  • Well, if the gate has become rusted, scrub it thoroughly to remove the rust.
  • Before applying the primer, make sure that the surface is completely smooth.  Take sandpaper or a steel scouring and rub the gate with it to make the surface utterly smooth.
  • Once the rubbing is done, clean the gate with a rag so that the loosened rust particles get cleared.
  • Now you have to take an abrasive pad, smaller one, or a steel wool in order to clean the residual rust. First identify which parts of the gates need more rubbing, in general, the corners or the crevices need extra rubbing.
  • Before applying the paint on the gate, apply a good quality primer so that the gates become stronger and the paint lasts for longer. It is good to opt for the alkyd-base primers instead of the conventional ones.
  • Last, but not the least, apply the paint. However, please wait for the primer to dry completely. Once you are sure that it is dried, apply the paint. If needed, apply a second coat of paint to give a smooth finish.