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Our Story

The company manufactures and exports a wide range of high end electronic instruments/equipment for your building needs. With over a decade of experience and service to the electronic, architectural and construction profession, EEC’s products are acknowledged for excellent performance and long-term reliability.

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  • Choosing the Automatic Gates: Important Things You Must Know

    Selecting the right type of iron gate design is very important. Quality gates provide a property with the necessary level of security and privacy. Most generally, all the gates are divided into two groups: manual and automatic/electric.

    Automatic Gates Vs. Manual Gates

    • Automatic gates are far more convenient, because they employ electronic engineering techniques and allow remote opening that doesn’t require somebody to come and open/close them after each visit. If you are looking for the gate for any commercial building or area which implies active in-and-out traffic during the day, the automatic gate will surely be the right choice as it makes the process quick and easy. On the other hand, if something goes wrong, manual gates can often be repaired by some means at hand, while automatic gates require calling a professional from the gate installation service.gate2
    • Automatic gates allow you controlling the process totally and eliminate the flow of undesirable visitors. In addition, electric gates’ equipment usually includes alert systems, which reports all sorts of problems and damages. Of course, the manual gate can have a very good lock that provides the profound level of security. However, almost every lock can be broken and, probably, you won’t discover it at once without the alert system.

    Best Control Type: Keypad or Remote?

    There are two main types of electric gate control: keypad and remote. Both of them are convenient in some ways, but not ideal:

    • Keypad pros and cons.
      Keypad implies entering a code to open the gate. It’s quite secure because the code might be known by a limited circle of people, which prevents a stranger from using it. Usually, this equipment works on batteries that should be replaced from time to time. Not mentioning that you might forget the security code, the main con is restricting of ability to move around. As opening this type of gates means pressing the buttons, you will need a special person to take care of it constantly, in case some visitor comes unexpectedly. In case if the system doesn’t work properly, you won’t be able to handle this by yourself – a call to electronic engineering service is required. In addition, this option is a kind of pricey one, comparing to remote control, although reliable at the same time.

    • Remote control advantages.
      Remote gate control is far more advantageous in terms of quick use. You can perform while being away from the gate, no need to come and open it – just press the button of your controller device. On the other hand, remote controllers are lost easily and, thus, can be used by anyone who finds them occasionally.
    • The combination of both.
      In addition, don’t forget that an option of combining these two types of gate control is often available too. Just consult with the specialists from the gate installation service regarding this.

    A Quick Glance at the Main Categories of Electric Gates Available

    When choosing the right gate, you must consider not only security matters but also how it fits the location it will be used in. Depending on the field they are used in, various electric gates are offered on the market today, but the most popular and common of them still can be divided into two general categories that will help you narrow your searching area.

    • Slide gates.
      This gate structure includes special wheels on which the gate slides aside to open – either from left to right or vice versa. If you have enough space on the sides of your driveway, this model will be ideal. It’s almost universal and fits many purposes, including territories around commercial buildings and private homes.
    • Swing gates.
      This type of gate work a lot like common doors in your house – they swing either inwards or outwards when open and close. This category of the gate is far more durable due to its simple construction and is less prone to breakdowns. At the same time, it’s essential to keep in mind that you need enough space both inside the gated area (for inward opening) and outside in the street (for outward opening), not to cause any damage to your property or harm anyone who drives or walks by. Main models of this category include single, double, uphill and lift-and-swing gates.



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